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CITIZEN ENGAGEMENT PROJECT: community participation in the community physical development plan making.By Yawe Samuel


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On Google+, at Climate Reality page, neo-con derps are busily SPAMMING:

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John, on Climate Reality page, Google+, 8:24 AM, 4/6/2014: +Mark: Yes I am aware of biodiversity. Are you aware it increases with warming temps?…

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Climate Change and Our Carbon Footprint

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Few things seem to stir up people’s emotions more than the topic of climate change. Whether it’s the complex science or predicted disastrous scenarios, climate change…

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How a Changing Climate is Changing our Plates

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Statement on the Latest Report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

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Ocean acidifying affects fish survival

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According to the information from Yahoo Taiwan, a newly published research suggests that, fishes are losing their survival instincts due to the acidifying ocean caused by…

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The Future’s Looking Up for Solar – by Billy Parish

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